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Backyard Lounge

First, before we get into the details, let's take a moment to soak in what this area of my backyard looked like before:

And here it is now:

<insert shocked face emoji a million times>

It's amazing what a different rug, updated furniture, and a new fire pit can do for a space.

Now, for the good stuff....

  1. Sofa & Chairs - I have a blog on the details for the sofa build here. You can find an Instagram story highlight about the chair builds here.

  2. Sofa & Chair Cushions - Amazon link here (it comes in several colors)

  3. Outdoor Pillow Inserts - Amazon link here

  4. Striped Pillows - Amazon link here

  5. Spotted Pillow - Amazon link here

  6. Blue Pillows - Amazon link here

  7. Rug - Amazon link here

  8. Side Tables - I built these as well. A blog is coming soon, but I have the full process documented in an Instagram story highlight here.

  9. Fire Pit - Overstock link here (it's currently back in stock!!) Similar options: Allen + Roth, Siusumfo, Avawing

The other items, like the candle holders, planters, and vases, were all collected over the years from Home Goods.

Happy Oasis Creating, Friends!


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