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Quarantine Halloween

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

When it became apparent to me that Covid was here to stay, I started brainstorming how I could continue to make the holidays special for my kids while remaining safe, and following any guidelines set by my state, city or county.

The three most important things for my kiddos (and I'm guessing most kiddos) are:

  1. Costumes

  2. Trick-Or-Treating (aka all the candy)

  3. Friends

Costumes - Easy! Regardless of what our plans are, my kids will still get to dress up! Just because they won't be running all around our neighborhood, doesn't mean we can't enjoy one of the best parts of Halloween.

Trick-Or-Treating - While it may look a little different this year, my kids will still be trick-or-treating..... in their own home.

Stick with me here - I know this may sound strange!

Over the past month or so, I've been collecting fun treats, small gifts, crafts, and little trinkets. As we edge closer to Halloween, I will also stock up on some of their favorite candy (small and big). The night of Halloween, I plan to hide something behind every door in my house, and I mean EVERY door in my house. If it opens like a door, it's fair game... bedroom door, pantry door, kitchen cabinets, linen closet, shower door, etc. My kids can then run around the home, opening doors, and discovering all the fun Halloween surprises behind them.

I know Halloween doesn't normally involve anything more than candy when trick-or-treating, but this isn't a normal year, and it calls for something a little extra special to make up for it.

Friends - This year won't involve large groups of friends going door to door (at least for me), but I do have something in mind for this as well. I will be sending out an invite for a drive-by trick-or-treating for friends and family only. My family will wear masks, sanitize individual goody bags, and pass them out to family and friends as they drive by. This way, my girls will still get to see their friends, while also remaining safe.

In addition to the Halloween activities I have planned above,

here are some other fun ideas:

  1. Halloween Escape Room (no, not the crazy one I've taken on for Cam's bday) - I found these fun and easy paper kits on Etsy!

  2. Halloween Egg Hunt - Grab some plastic eggs, fill them with candy and these tiny glow sticks for a fun nighttime egg hunt!

  3. Halloween Movie Night - Here's a great list of family-friendly scary movies

  4. Halloween Games - You can find a ton on Etsy here.

  5. Halloween Crafts - Here's a great one from Dear Friends Kits

Halloween is going to look different this year, but I have a feeling my girls are going to be pretty happy with how this one turns out.

Have any ideas I haven't thought of? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!

- Melissa

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