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Easy Recipe of the Week: Pesto Pasta

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Why I love this recipe: It's five ingredients, incredibly easy, and comes together during the time it takes to boil your pasta.

Modified from


12 oz. Pasta of Your Choice (I usually go with Trader Joe's quinoa and brown rice rotini pasta)

13 oz. Pesto (I use two jars of Trader Joe's basil pesto)

8.5 oz. Sun Dried Tomatoes 10 oz Trader Joe's Microwaveable Asparagus

(you can easily substitute with one bunch of fresh asparagus, olive oil and some salt and pepper)

1lb. Mozzarella


1. Cook your pasta per the package directions.

2. While the water is coming to a boil and the pasta is cooking, prepare your ingredients.

3. Cook your asparagus in the microwave. After the asparagus is done, give it a few minutes to cool and then chop into 1/2 inch sections. You can also roast fresh asparagus that's been tossed in olive oil and seasoned with s&p in the oven at 350 F for 20 minutes or until tender. Line your pan with foil to make for an easy cleanup.

4. Chop your mozzarella into 1/2 inch cubes.

5. If your sun dried tomatoes are in oil, place them in a strainer and run cool water over them to slightly rinse off the oil.

6. After your pasta is done, strain and cool slightly by running cold water over it. 

7. Add all your ingredients into a bowl and stir to combine.

Optional - top with a fried egg - yummm!!

*Makes a large amount - it serves all four of us and we have enough for several bowls worth of leftovers*

I found the original recipe on the Damn Delicious website back in 2013 and have modified it over the years for our needs. You can find the original, damn delicious (pun intended) recipe here, where she teaches you how to make your own pesto!

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