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Thrifted Vase Makeovers

There are so many ways you can makeover thrifted vases, but look at this before and after:

I'm in love.

I bought this haul of vases for under $20 and wanted to give them a boho chic twist for my daughter's upcoming birthday. I had this crazy idea of using caulk to give them a handmade ceramic look, and to my complete surprise, it worked! Check out the video below to see how I did it:

Keep in mind that the vase I used in the video was highly textured, so I had to load up to cover the texture. After completing that vase, I tried the technique on the smooth vases I had, and I LOVED the results even more. You can see them in detail in the video below:

And the best part is, to accomplish this look, all you need is a vase, sandpaper, caulk, and some spray paint.

Hot tip: If you are looking to do two colors, like some of mine, make sure to follow these steps for the cleanest lines -

  1. Paint your base color and allow to dry (for me, that was white)

  2. Use painter's tape to mark off where you want to paint your second color

  3. Use your base color and spray lightly along the edge of the painter's tape to seal the edges (this will prevent as much bleed as possible under your tape)

  4. After you've allowed that coat to dry, spray your second color (for me, that was gold)

If you want to up it to another level, you can add the jute rope. See my video below for a quick tutorial:

This was quick, easy, cheap and only required two extra supplies: jute rope and a hot glue gun.

Hot tip: you will want to tuck the beginning end down, and wrap the following layers around it, like pictured below -

Once I continued to wrap the rope around, it completely covered the starting end of the rope.

When you get to the end, simply cut the rope, glue it, and push the end up against the level above it to create a seamless finish.

If you use any of these tricks, make sure to send me some photos or tag me on Instagram at @melissagarchiediy! I can't wait to see what you create!


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