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Bed Rest Activity Round-Up for Kids, Pre-Teens and Teens

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

If you have a preteen/teen that's in a cast... or sling... or placed on bed rest/limited activity for some reason in the summer, you know the struggle is real.

I've been dealing with it in our house for almost two weeks now, and while I can't claim to be an expert, I have found some things that seem to be working and wanted to share for any and all struggling moms right now.

Sleuth and Solve riddles/mysteries. My kids gobbled this book up in under an hour, so I clearly need to get more.

Brain Games for Clever Kids. There are many, many options out, but my kids are loving this one.

Sticker by Letter. If your child is like mine, loves to draw and color, but has temporarily lost the use of their dominant hand, this is a great option.

Kanoodle. This was such a big hit in our house, that my girls would fight over whose turn it was to use until I finally purchased a second one.

Tetris Puzzle. Even the adults are addicted to this one!

Other ideas: Nintendo Switch, reading via book or Nook/Kindle (if your child is like mine and cant hold a book open well because she only has one hand), Babbel (learn a language), puzzles, and board games.

I will update this as I discover more ideas over the next three months. If you have one that's working well in your home - hook a girl up!!

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