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How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket

Updated: May 24, 2021

I love a good gift basket, both giving and receiving, and it's the perfect way to incorporate many fun things that your giftee adores without the pressure of trying to come up with the one perfect gift! If you're not quire sure what to get your giftee, this is a perfect place to start....

Follow these steps to make the perfect gift basket:

  1. Set Your Budget and Keep Track Start with asking your how much are you wanting to spend on the gift overall? Once you know your budget, keep track of the items you get. When you're buying several small things, it's easy to lose track of how much you've spent.

  2. Make a List Write out a list of the types of things your giftee likes. This can include items they love using/eating (bath bombs, candles, plants, chocolate, books, coffee) and hobbies (photography, cooking, hiking). I've included some ideas to get you started below.

  3. Start Hunting Be on the lookout for gifts that fit into your list, keeping in mind the following: - 1-3 large items -ones that will be the main focal point for the basket and take up the most space - 1-2 splurge items - ones that take up the majority of your budget - a nice bottle of wine, a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant, etc. - Use the rest of your budget to buy smaller items - small treats, candles, pens, pencils, face masks, etc.

  4. Buy Your Basket or Container I don't buy the basket until I have all the items. I've made that mistake before, and end up going back to get a different size. Once you have all your items, purchase the right size basket or container. Your container can be something as simple as a thrifted basket, or something that fits the theme. For example, if you're giving a basket to a wine lover, using an ice bucket would be a cute way to tie in the whole theme - just make sure you include room for your basket or container in your budget!

  5. Assemble I like to use crinkled paper as filling, but you can use Easter grass or tissue paper as well! Start by placing your larger items in your basket or container, towards the back and begin filling in the rest with your medium to small sized items. To finish, wrap it in cellophane or simply add a bow, flowers, or a gift tag, and you're ready to gift!

Here are some of my favorite gift baskets below, including the "summer detox kit" I give to my kids' teachers at the end of the school year....

Pampering Kids Gift Cards Face masks Small toys Movie Theater

Bath salts Candy Coffee Bath bombs Clothing Restaurant Bubble bath Pajamas Spa Services Candles Pool & beach toys Theme Parks

Skincare treatments Pens & pencils Lessons (horseback Hair wraps Markers & crayons riding, golf, etc.)

Scrunchies Books Favorite store

Essential oils Stuffed animals

Nice lotions Coloring books

Gift card for a spa service Activity books

Plants Food & Beverage

Small plants Candy boxes

Propagation station Sweet snacks

Seeds Savory snacks

Grow lights Champagne

Small planters or stands Wine

Plan books Other Liquor Restaurant Gift Card

Technology Travel USB chargers Portable charger Phone case Earplanes Travel charger Travel size items Fitbit Small organization bags Laser pointer Travel power strip Antibacterial wipes

Power plug adapter

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