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Tween Room Makeover Kickoff

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Today, I started the very ambitious makeover of my (nearly) ten year daughter's room. I had promised this makeover to Cameron several years ago, after I completed one for my oldest (soon-to-be-tween) daughter. I told Cam, when she was approaching her tween years, I would give her a more grownup, tween space too. So, here we are.... the years flew by and I am tasked with taking her cluttered, child-like room and morphing it into a space that will last from tween to teen.

Cameron is not like most tween girls. She doesn't like pink, purple, sparkles or frills. She likes blue, green, sports and cars, so that's exactly what I am going to give her.

Where it started....

Many years ago, I took my first stab at redesigning her room from a nursery to a big kid room (in a weekend), and this will give you the best look at where we are now (and how far we have to go):

Fortunately, my design and photography skills have come a long way since then - haha!

But, this video will never get old... the entire makeover was a surprise and this was her reaction when she finally saw it:

Where it's going....

Stay tuned as I add more form and function to her closet, install faux brick walls, add some lighted wall features, build a climbing wall and create a loft bed with a secret door to a hidden hideout. Think industrial loft, neon lights, navy blue, orange, some hits of black. We are going big, friends! And best part, it's all going to be a surprise for her again!!

First stop for week one - that disorganized mess of a closet!

Catch me in Instagram stories as I completely transform the space over the next week!

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