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DIY Faux Macrame Placemats

Is faux macrame a thing?

I think so.

If it's not, we are making it a thing.

Who needs to know how to make a million different types of macrame knots when you could just fake it until you make it.

Ok, you actually need to know one, but it's literally the easiest one to learn. Seriously, if I (the knot challenged person in your life) can figure it out, you can too. Promise.

This is all you need:

  1. Macrame cord (in the color of your choosing) Here's my favorite in the natural color Here are some fun color options

  2. Cork Rounds (in the size of your choosing - I used 12") Here are the ones I used that come in 8", 10" and 12" options

  3. Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  4. Tape measure

  5. Scissors

  6. Pencil


I have detailed the full process in my Instagram story highlights, You can watch it all here. If you're more of a written instruction person, here are the directions below....

1. Start by finding the center of your circle. My friend, David, has a super easy way to figure this out (one I wish I knew before this project). Find his less than 30 second tutorial here.

2. Once you've found your center point, apply a small dot of hot glue and adhere your macrame cord to it, allowing about a 1/4" of the cord to overhang the center point. By doing this, you will cover the end of the cord, as you continue to wrap, leaving a very seamless center point to your circle.

3. Now, begin to wrap the cord around in a spiral around the center point, and glue as you go..... over and over again. You want to keep wrapping until you can no longer see any of the cork on top.

4. Once you get to the end of the top, you have two options:

You can either continue to wrap the cord around the side edge of the placemat, covering all the visible portions of the cork, so it looks like this:

Or you can end your cord wrapping at the top, and use a fringe to cover the side edge, like this:

5. Either way, when you get to the end of your cord wrapping, you will want to overhang a piece of the end, like this:

This picture above shows you how it should look if you're adding the fringe. That slight overhang on the side edge will be covered by the fringe. If you're not adding that fringe, that slight overhang should extend onto the bottom of your cork circle, and not the side (as pictured above).

If you're making the fringe, continue on to steps 6-9:

6. Measure the circumference of your placemat and add 4". Cut a piece of cord that length. For example, the circumference of my placemat was 38". I added 4" and cut the cord to 42".

7. Next, cut enough 4" pieces of cord to complete your fringe. This can be tricky, but for my 12" placemat, I needed about 110 pieces.

If you like a little math, and aren't using 12" cord boards, take the circumference of your circle and multiply it by three. For example, my circumference is 38", so 38 x 3 = 114. This should give you around the right amount of 4" pieces you need.

8. Now, the fun part!! Ever heard of a lark's head knot? They're super easy to do, and the only knot required to make this fun fringe! Here's a good written tutorial on how to make a lark's head knot. I also show you up close how to make one in my Instagram story highlight here.

You will use each 4" piece and attach them to your longer piece with a lark's head knot. Start by leaving about 1/2" between your first knot and first end of your longer cord. This will come in handy later, As you add additional knots, make sure each knot is as close to the knots next to it as possible. It's important that you're tying the knots in the same direction. The knot looks different in the front, than in the back, and you want to make sure you have a uniform look.

As you approach the end of your longer cord, make sure to stop tying knots once you reach about 1/2" from the second/last end (the same as you did with the first end).

9. Decide which side of the fringe you want showing on your placemat (the side with the front of the knots, or the side with the back of the knots). I went with the front of the knots. Once you decide, you can begin attaching your fringe.

You will start by taking that 1/2" piece of empty cord at the first end, and gluing that to the side edge of your placemat. From there, begin wrapping and gluing your fridge around the side edge.

When you approach the end, carefully cut off the extra 1/2" piece of cord at the end of your fringe and immediately use a dab of hot glue when the cord has been cut to ensure the end does not unravel. To finish, adhere the end of the fringe to the placemat, and you're done!

To make it extra fun you can also alternate colors, like this one:

If you choose to do so, each time you start a new color, use the same technique as you do in the beginning. Allow a 1/4" overhang of cord so you can cover it up as you continue to wrap the cord:

Happy faux macrame, friends!


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