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Easy DIY Planter Basket Stands

These super cute basket planter stands were originally inspired by this:

I loved the way these looked, but the price tag was insane - over $300. I decided , I could easily make these for MUCH cheaper - and you can too!


Baskets of your choice - this is the set of three I used // this is the set of two I used

Waddell Legs (in whatever size you prefer)

Stain, Paint or leave natural - I used this stain in reindeer & this paint

1/2 plywood sheet or pre-cut wooden circles

120 grit sandpaper

3/8" Staples, wood glue or liquid nails


Jigsaw (only if you're cutting out your own circles)

Screwdriver or drill

Staple gun (only if you're using staples instead of glue)

Sander (optional)


  1. If you're purchasing pre-cut circles, measure the bottom of your basket and purchase the circles accordingly.

  2. If you're cutting your own circles, either use a compass or trace the bottom of your baskets onto your sheet of plywood.

  3. Make sure you trace your circle on the side of the wood that the basket will be sitting on because whatever side you cut on with look a little beat up. The bottom side of your circle (the part your legs will be attached to) is the only part that will ever be seen, and hardly, so you want that to be the best looking side.

  4. Using a jigsaw, slowly cut out your circles. The won't be perfect - but don't worry!

  5. By hand, or using a sander, sand the edges, top and bottom of your circles to a smooth, even surface.

  6. Paint or stain your circles and legs, as preferred. Or, leave them natural - it's entirely up to you!

  7. After the paint or stain have dried, attach your angled top plates with your drill or screwdriver.

  8. Make sure the higher end of the top plate is on the inside, closer to the middle, so your legs angle out and not in.

  9. When you screw in the top plates, the screws will poke out slightly on the top side. This is fine - they will be covered by the basket and no one will ever see it. If you are not a fan of this, you can buy slightly shorter screws separately and use those.

  10. Attach your legs to the tops plates.

  11. Place your basket in the right position, and use staples to attach the basket to the top of the circle by stapling through the inside bottom of the basket into the wood.

  12. Fill those babies with plants and enjoy your quick, easy DIY that gives a big decorative bang!

Happy planting, friends!


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