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Holiday Gift Guide - Small & Blossoming Businesses

In honor of the upcoming small business Saturday, I wanted to share some gift ideas from only small and blossoming businesses.

If you start scrolling, and don't see something right away, keep going - I promise there is something for everyone!


Alma Rose Bags

The perfect bag for the woman and mom on the go!

Alma Rose is a female and black owned business. They've worked hard to create a bag that can literally do it all. It's a diaper bag, a purse, a wallet and a work bag (yes, there's even protection for your laptop and tablet). You can't even imagine all the stuff you can fit it in here! And, they thought of everything - a place for bottles (you may be thinking of baby bottles, but I am past that stage, so I'm thinking wine - haha), a clip for your keys, so they don't get lost in the abyss, and amazing quality that will last for years and years.

Find more here: Instagram: @almarosebags


MND Automotive Management The gift of a clean car! - who doesn't love a clean car?!

MND Automotive Management is a local San Diego car-washing service that comes to you! They're family owned and take great pride in their work. I can assure you, your car will never have a better wash than the one you will get from MND. Look at some these before and afters:

They're now offering gift cards - an easy gift to give to a busy mom or dad, the car enthusiast, or someone who maybe doesn't know how badly they need it. Find more here: Instagram: @mndautosd (they constantly post amazing photos and videos of their work)


Elli+Co An amazing, female-owned boutique based of Colorado.

They have curated so many beautiful items - from clothing, to mugs, to ornaments. You could knock out so much of your holiday shopping list just by scrolling through their website. Here are some of my favorites:

Find more here:

Instagram: @shopelliandco


TimePeaceCreations Beautiful wreaths for your friend and family members

that are full of the holiday spirit!

A female-owned business, her wreaths are unbelievable quality - created out of the best of the best, and are made to last a lifetime!

Instagram: @timepeacecreations


Bardelli Boards

The gift of cheese - because who doesn't love a good cheese board or box!?

Bardelli Boards is female-owned, local to San Diego, and now offering gift cards, which is a perfect holiday gift for anyone that loves cheese boards, charcuterie, candy, or is planning a get together with friends. Their boards are perfection and the delicious every. single. time.

Instagram: @bardelliboards


Danielle Miranda Photography One of San Diego's best photographers! Don't take my word for it, just look at her work...

Danielle is local to San Diego and offers gifts cards, which makes it so easy to gift family photos, a maternity shoot, senior pictures or milestone photos. Find more here:



Beautiful and affordable DIY watercolor postcards for the craft-enthusiast adult or kiddo that needs to a break from virtual learning.

My kids did these over the summer and had so much fun decorating, and then sending happy mail to friends and family. They're affordable, easy to throw in a stocking, or even under the tree, and so, so fun!

Instagram: @dearfriendskits


Plant Hair, Don't Care.

A custom planter for the amazing woman in your life from another female and black-owned business.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I gifted these to my girl gang a couple months back - I cannot tell you how excited all of them were. They're still talking about them! It's such a fun, special gift, even for the non-plant mamas in your life (most of my girl friends opted for cute fake plants - less high maintenance, but just as cute)! But, hurry... she's only taking orders through December 10th!


Steal & Escape

Gift an hour of thrill and puzzles!

We are BIG fans of Steal & Escape. We tried Lost Expedition first and were hooked. They are family owned, and the owners are some of the nicest people we've ever met. Their escape rooms are fun, challenging, and amazing to do with friends or family.

Find more here: Instagram: @stealandescape


Clipstals Crystal jewelry on clips so the crystal lover in your life can take them anywhere.

Look at some of these beauties....

Female owned, each clipstal is beautifully handcrafted, cleansed, cleared and charged... and I want them ALL! Find more here: (they just launched their website today!) Instagram: @clipstals


House of Plants LLC For the plant-lover in your life, there is no better gift than another plant baby.... or two.... or three!

Female-owned, their shop is located in San Diego county, but they ship throughout the the US. Their plants are what got me started on my plant journey, and I've never looked back! House of Plants LLC is not like any other plant shop I've seen - they're constantly giving back to the community through some amazing charities, and they offer up their shelves to support other, local small businesses (they're how I found Plant Hair, Don't Care). When you buy your plants from them, instead of some big box store, you're not only supporting one wonderful small business, you're supporting many others, and all the charities they help support.

Find more here:


The Modern Fellow Local to San Diego, and female owned, the Modern Fellow is a full service salon for men. You don't come in just for a haircut, you come in to be pampered. Look at some of her work....

The Modern Fellow offers gift cards, so you can pamper the men in your life. If they're the no fuss kind of guy, know that will all change once they step foot in Modern Fellow!


JAX Atelier JAX Atelier is the perfect mix of jewelry and art.

Look at some of these beauties....

I found JAX Atelier through Plant House LLC (surprise, surprise). JAX is another female-owned business that takes giving back to the community to heart. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to homeless charities. She also offers gift cards, if you can't decide just which piece your jewelry loving friend in your life would love.


CMLMade Beautiful handcrafted art pieces, made out of wood.

Look at these and try not to drool...

CMLMade is another female-owned business that is using her amazing talent to create wonderful, handcrafted products. Not only does she make wonderful pieces of art, but if you follow her on Instagram, she is an unbelievable woodworker - she just built the most amazing cabinetry for her walk-in closet. Find more here: Instagram: @cmlmade


Bridge the Gap Modern plant decor that is breathtakingly beautiful...

Bridge the Gap is a female-owned business based in San Diego. Each piece is handcrafted by another female woodworker that breathes new life into plant decor. Each time I see one of her products, my heart skips a beat. Her work is unbelievable and would be an amazing gift for the plant over in your life.




Pharmacist-formulated, natural skincare line created in small batches by another amazing female-owned company.

Here are just a handful of their amazing products...

Their products are so unique, and have such an elegant spin on the traditional products you see in the market. Plus, their prices are extremely fair, which makes high quality skincare accessible to far more people than ever before.


Finely Chopped Woodworks

Gorgeous, handcrafted wood pieces by, yet another, female wood worker. Are we sensing a theme here? Take a look at some of her pieces...

From checker boards, to cutting boards, to coasters, to coasters with a bottle opener (what?), to just stand alone bottle openers, there is nothing she can't do! Any of these would make a wonderful gift for someone in your life that appreciates the beauty of wood.. or just needs a good bottle opener!


The Beauty Below The gift of pampering for the ultimate beauty queen.

The Beauty Below is a San Diego based, female owned, aesthetician salon that offers a range of facials, peels and waxing. The owner, Natalie, uses her years of experience to make her clients glow from the inside out. Since going to The Beauty Below, my skin has never looked better. Plus, she offers gift cards, which makes pampering the people in your life oh so easy!

Find more here:

Instagram: @thebeautybelow


Nikkia Sanders Beautiful, custom ornaments. Look at these beauties...

My jaw dropped when I saw her posts these, and I can't wait to order a few for friends and family this year. She's not on Etsy, so you can place orders directly through Instagram.


Divine Style Designs Divine Style Designs is a female-owned, styling service company for the career-minded woman.

From styling for a big event, to setting up your closet to spell out career success, Divine Style curates designs specifically for you and your needs. They're also having a killer Black Friday sale, so if you, or someone else you know, has ever wanted their own personal stylist, now is the time!

Instagram: @divinestyledesigns


That's a wrap!

Know any small businesses, with some wonderful holiday gift options,

that you think should be on this list?

Send them my way!

Happy shopping, friends!


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