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DIY Dowel Planter

This super cute, super easy DIY costs around $5.00 and completely changes the look of an existing, plain planter. Watch the video to see it come together step-by-step or follow the directions below. Enjoy, DIY friends!!


  1. Wooden Dowels

  2. Planter (must be the same diameter on the bottom and the top of the pot - tapered pots won't work for this)

  3. Painter's Tape

  4. Miter Saw or Dog Nail Clippers

  5. Measuring Tape or Ruler

  6. Hot Glue Gun

  7. Scissors


  1. Using a measuring tape or ruler, determine the height of your pot. I added an extra 1/4" to mine so the dowels extended higher than the top of my pot.

  2. If you are using dog nail clippers, mark your dowels where you will need to cut them. Use your clippers to cut each one at the right length.

  3. If you are using a saw, bundle up your dowels in 10-15 size groups, and using painter's tape, wrap tightly. Make sure your tape covers all areas where you will be cutting.

  4. Using your measuring tape or ruler, mark where you will need to cut your dowels.

  5. Cut them using your saw - slowly lowering the saw through the dowels.

  6. Once all your dowels are cut, unwrap them from the painter's tape and pile them together. Note: I did not stress over having all my dowels the exact same length because I like the slightly varying lengths (all within 1/8" from eachother).

  7. Turn on your glue gun.

  8. Tear a strip of painter's tape and lay it on your surface with the sticky side facing up towards you.

  9. Tear off two smaller pieces, and use them to hold both sides of the tape down on the table.

  10. Begin placing 10 dowels on the sticky side of the tape, using the edge of the tape as a guide so one end of the dowels are completely flush with one another and create a straight edge.

  11. Once you have 10 dowels on the tape, using your scissors to cut the tape free from the two pieces of tape holding it down on the side.

  12. Use your glue gun to quickly spread hot glue all over the dowels.

  13. Working quickly, hot glue dries very fast, hold onto the extra tape on either side of the dowels, flip the dowels over, and place it on the pot, pressing firmly all over. The flush/straight end of the dowels should be placed on the bottom of your planter, so they're straight and allow the pot to sit straight on a surface. Note: You will want to be careful when placing the dowels on the planter. Sometimes they can go on a little crooked, which will result in gaps, so pay attention to not only lining the dowels up to the bottom of the planter, but also that they're going on the planter straight up and down.

  14. Repeat until the planter is full or almost full. If you get towards the end, and only need a few dowels to complete it, you can glue them on one by one. If the last dowel doesn't completely fit, you can use sandpaper to sand it down to the right size.

  15. Place a cute little plant inside and marvel at your DIY glory!

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