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Tween Room Makeover

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

When we moved into our house, Taylor's room was the first one we did. She was just shy of four and it was important to us that she felt at home right away. I asked her what colors she wanted, and no matter how hard I tried to manipulate her four year old brain, the answer was always red, white and blue, so that's what she got. It worked for a while, but fast forward five years and she went from a four year old to a tween in the blink of an eye. Not only did the color scheme no longer work for her, but the organization was a mess. I hoped to tackle both with this makeover and create a room that she would love for years and years to come.

But, first, this is what I was working with...

Don't worry, I am already aware that my daughter was a hoarder. We've since staged an intervention and I am happy to report she has been cured.

While it's hard to believe this is the same room as the one I am about to show you, I can assure you it is. Believe me, sometimes I am still just as shocked as you are about to be.

Buckle up, here's the after, my friends (with sources):

Shoppable Links: Hammock Chair, Swing Ceiling Bracket, Blue Pouf, Curtains, Curtain Rods, Feather String Lights, Table (set of two - smaller one used under her loft bed; I spray painted the legs gold), Follow Your Dreams Throw Pillow, Rose Pillows (set of two - other one used under her loft bed), Bookshelves (I spray painted blue and white), Rug, Pink/White Ombre Rope Basket, Candle Holder, Pink Artificial Flowers

Other Items: Bulletin Board, Baskets and Unicorn Light found at HomeGoods; Lamp repurposed and painted pink

Paint: Behr - Summer Crush

Shoppable Links: Loft bed and desk combo, other items detailed below.

Shoppable Links: Desk Chair (this color no longer available at Ikea), Shelves (I spray painted the wall brackets gold), Book ends (I spray painted gold), Unicorn Light, Balloon Dog, Letter Board, Hourglass w/Gold Sand

Other Items: Paris sign, vase and flower found at HomeGoods

Shoppable Items: Saucer Chair, Gold Pillow, Diamond Light String, Gold Chandelier (not the exact one, but similar. I also used battery operated fairy lights inside the chandelier to make it sparkle)

Other Items: I used the same curtains here as the windows, tension shower rod used to hang curtains, gold unicorn and plant found at HomeGoods

Shoppable Links: Alarm Clock, Faux Fur Throw Pillow, Night Light (hidden in smallest square shelf to allow her to turn it on at night if she needs to get out of bed or read, Blue Velvet Throw Pillows, Pink Pillow Case, Pink Comforter, Square shelves (painted teal)

Door Jewelry Organizer, Vanity (I recovered the chair in pink fabric and found gold knobs at a local store), Custom Taylor Sign (spray painted gold)

Hangers, Hanger Clips, Closet Organizer, Storage Cubes (my specific colors are no longer available, but this is the size with plenty of other options)

This is one of my favorite family videos. It is Taylor seeing her room for the very first time, and her excitement is overwhelming:

If you're interested in how we went from the hoarding, red, white and blue disaster to a tween girl's paradise, the entire process will be posted in my Tween Room Instragram highlight bubble here.

It's been over a year, and she has managed to keep it (almost) as clean as the day she first walked in, which I can thank the endless amount of storage I was able to work into the space. All the work, and lost sleep, was definitely worth it, and I hope she continues to enjoy it for years to come!

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